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Anniversary of the Capitol Crawl, new works, calls, events.
Remembering Judy Heumann, new works, calls, and events.

February 2023

A shorter issue, for a change! Thanks for being here.
Testing an editorial technique, museums & access, AI & "Disability Justice," and lots of amazing events.
The Romance Myth, ableism and borders, QALYs, new works, and more.
Police terror, the coming end of the COVID Public Health Emergency, new works, calls, events, and more.

January 2023

Awards, in memoriam, new works, and more.
Using the law for abolition, access nonsense at Sundance, more news, new works, calls, and events. Hit "View entire message" for the full issue.
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The floor for "economic security" is lower than our organizing is recognizing.
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