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Dear Kevin,

Thank you so much for this mornings Crip News.

Honestly, I wasn't going to read this morning, trying to take a break after a big event yesterday...but I thought about this spoken word musical I am the accessibility director of and how I am creating a training for the designers/tec so we can develop a shared understanding of what it means to create a show that centers on disability and accessibility and I read.

And  I am so glad I did.  This mornings Crip News met me just where I am.  The plan text REALLY worked for me.  I have been keenly aware of the disabling effects of war.  It is the first and maybe the most impactful thing I learned in my first disability class 30 years ago.  It is what I have wanted to talk about around the Palestinian and  Israel war, but being a mixed heritage, not so practicing Jew, I had yet to find the words to frame what I knew was so important here...people and their bodies and the slow and fast effects of the last two weeks and the last 50 years has taken on these people.  Thank you for giving me a frame work to start to speak out.

But I also think what you wrote put words to some other things I have been struggling with...I think it will be very helpful in my work as accessibility director for this play I am working on and its why I say with The Body is Good Project that it is for any one with a body.

Thank you for trying out this new format. I LOVED it and hope you do more of it.  I also loved the long list of events at the bottom and plan to use some of my "take a break" time to sign up.

Yours in art, accessibility, and dear I say revolution.


Jessica Wallach (she/her/hers)

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Thanks for this important issue of your newsletter. Unfortunately, you have declared a side in the conflict between Israelis and Palestinians.

Death, injury and disability-making are affecting everyone engaged in this war, whether they are Israeli, Palestinian or other human beings caught up in the conflict. I think it's important to advocate for peace in the region, period, without choosing sides.

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