i was REALLY intrigued by the mention/link about the indie living movement at the end! it links to a thesis that ALSO looks really fascinating but... abstractly/indirectly related??

my appetite is particularly stoked to understand how ILCs have been reduced to the crusty NPIC mess that we currently have though if you have any leads! i have a feeling you of all people do!

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hey Bridgette! thanks for pointing to a set of things i didn't really dig into enough here. i was interested in the the way "independent living" has often been promoted as compatible with ableist work ethics. this is an example of the way Disability Rights hasn't put forward a more fundamental critique of the obligations to work that harm disabled people. a very short version might be: all it takes is the right "accommodations" to bring disabled people into the workforce, so anti-discrimination legislation can contribute directly to economic growth. i think this is a strategic frame that has major limits, especially when some research that's looked at the ADA's effects on disability employment have found minimal or nonexistent effects. so my guess at your excellent question about the nonprofit industrial complex is that the successes of Disability Rights legislation and regulation have necessarily put independent living into the "crusty mess" you describe.

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